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(577) Are we really to believe that Shakespeare plagiarized?

Consider the Impossible !:The same iodiomatic Metaphor was used by  3 poets living at the same time:  

Christopher   MARLOWE  --  William    SHAKE-SPEARE   --   Thomas     HEYWOOD


The great tragic  Epic Poem "Lucrece", by William SHAKESPEARE
appeared as a stage Play "The Rape of Lucrece" (A "True ... Tragedy") by  Thomas HEYWOOD!

Isn't it logic and plausible that the inventor of the poetic metaphor of the crime of
Tarquin against Lucrece was the same [C.M.] who published  his auto-biographical parable or metaphor (his offense as a "Traitor" against the Queen) as a "True ...Tragedie".

                 William Shakespeare                                                           Thomas Heywood

Thus,  It seems more logical and plausible to assume, that
must have originated from one and the same Brain (C.M.)

Thomas Heywood: The English Traveller"
 Beginning of the Epistle "To the Reader"....

"Thomas Heywood"
Who was this extreme prolific writer? It seems far more likely than that Heywood's two hundred and twenty 220 Plays have completely disappeared, that they still exist, but were written and printed under a great variety of pennames.
Given the high literary level  and the additional informations about Heywood 
the only plausible conclusion remains that Heywood (like Shake-speare) must have belonged
to Marlowe's Pennames!

for some more Details 

Can anyone really imagine that within a few month two
authors (Shakespeare/Heywood) produced such similar contextual ideas?


Shakespeare's op.1 ,     Venus & Adonis (1593)
and Heywood's op.1     Oenone & Paris (1594

SHAKESPEARE VENUS & ADONIS      The first heir of my invention. --.
HEYWOOD  OENONE & PARIS            The first fruits of my endeavours and the maidenhead of my pen. 


SHAKESPEARE VENUS & ADONIS     my unpolished lines. -- 
HEYWOOD OENONE & PARIS            rude and unpolished. --.


SHAKESPEARE VENUS & ADONIS     honoured you with some graver labour
HEYWOOD OENONE & PARIS            I may in some other opere magis elaborato


SHAKESPEARE VENUS & ADONIS     I leave it . . . to your heart's content. --.
HEYWOOD OENONE & PARIS            But, leaving . . . to their heart's content. -


SHAKESPEARE VENUS & ADONIS      Stain to all nymphs. – 
HEYWOOD OENONE & PARIS             Stain to the nymphs. –


SHAKESPEARE VENUS & ADONIS      His louring brows..
HEYWOOD OENONE & PARIS             His louring look. – 


SHAKESPEARE VENUS & ADONIS        strong-neck'd steed. – 
HEYWOOD OENONE & PARIS               stiff-neckt steed. –


SHAKESPEARE VENUS & ADONIS        flint-hearted boy. 
HEYWOOD OENONE & PARIS               flint-hearted Phrygian.


SHAKESPEARE VENUS & ADONIS        She locks her lily fingers one in one. 
HEYWOOD OENONE & PARIS              wring my lily fingers in thy fists.. 


SHAKESPEARE VENUS & ADONIS       Fie! lifeless picture, cold and senseless stone. 
HEYWOOD OENONE & PARIS              A cold and senseless stone . . . such a picture.  


SHAKESPEARE VENUS & ADONIS        Cynthia . . . her silver shine. – 
HEYWOOD OENONE & PARIS               Cynthia . . . her silver white. –


SHAKESPEARE VENUS & ADONIS        Then mightst thou pause, for then I were not for thee; 
                                                                         But having no defects, why dost abhor me
HEYWOOD OENONE & PARIS                Disdainful Paris, dost thou then abhor me?                                                                                                                                             What reason hast thou that I am not for thee?


SHAKESPEARE VENUS & ADONIS         hath done me double wrong. 
HEYWOOD OENONE & PARIS                have done me double wrong. 


SHAKESPEARE VENUS & ADONIS        That in each cheek appears a pretty dimple. 
HEYWOOD OENONE & PARIS                Ah! those his amorous cheeks with pretty dimples.. 


SHAKESPEARE VENUS & ADONIS         new-fall'n snow takes any dint..
 HEYWOOD OENONE & PARIS               The melting snows take any deep impression. --


SHAKESPEARE VENUS & ADONIS         The grass stoops not, she treads on it so light..
 HEYWOOD OENONE & PARIS                The tender grass unhended still shall stand..


SHAKESPEARE VENUS & ADONIS       To note the fighting conflict of her hue,
                                                                        How white and red each other did destroy. 
HEYWOOD OENONE & PARIS              The white and red were in his face at strife.


SHAKESPEARE VENUS & ADONIS       fear through all her sinews spread..
HEYWOOD OENONE & PARIS              fear possessed every member. 


SHAKESPEARE VENUS & ADONIS      And with his bonnet hides his angry brow. 
HEYWOOD OENONE & PARIS              His comely temples shadow'd with his hat. 


SHAKESPEARE VENUS & ADONIS       His louring brows o'erwhelming his fair sight,
                                                                        Like misty vapours when they blot the sky. – 
HEYWOOD OENONE & PARIS              Look! as the louring clouds deface the skies,
                                                                        So was my face obscured with mine eyes

SHAKESPEARE VENUS & ADONIS      Even by the stern and direful god of war,
                                                                       Whose sinewy neck in battle ne'er did bow . . .
                                                                       Yet hath he been my captive. --.
HEYWOOD OENONE & PARIS             And he [the god of war], that always foiled where he fighted,
                                                       Hath been e'en captivated.

(575) We have reached the 20.000 Click mark (The Marlowe/Shakespeare Authorship)

Some good News!

The YouTube Video 

(an English Summary of the German Book: „The true Shakespeare: Christopher Marlowe„ 5th Edition 2016) 

Der wahre Shakespeare: Christopher Marlowe
(The true Shakespeare:   Christopher Marlowe)
5th Edition 2016  

in these days will reach  the level

 of 20.000 Clicks.

Let us celebrate that!

(574) The missing playwright Shakespeare

Alexander Waughs  missing playwright Shakespeare

In the Book Palladis Tamia (1598)  the author Francis Meres talks about 2 Lists of the best playwrights for comedies (17)  and for tragedies (12)

Oxfordian Alexander Waugh takes from those 2  Lists the 22 Contemporary playwrights who have been active in the London theater scene before 1598 and who were virtually all
connected to Each Other,  with the  very remarkable exception of Shakespeare, with no contemporary record  whatsoever linking HIM to Anyone  of those playwrights during his Lifetime.- And  Yet he is the most famous playwright of his days.-  
I fully can agree with Waughs observation and explanation
(at the end: It is as if ...
there was  no playwright called William Shakespeare at the time!

There was, however at the time a "true" poet genius, a literary Giant  and playwright superstar in London:   It was by no means Edward de Vere, the 17th Earl of Oxford but unquestionably Christopher Marlowe. 
What a shame: from a certain age onward men (even Alexander Waugh)  can no longer jump over their shadows!
The authorship solution ( A Proposal!) 


(573) Annual Video contest has largely degenerated to a promotional event of the SOF

The Shakespeare Fellowship originally was the name used by an organization (1921) devoted to 

represent all alternatives to the authorship Question 

of William Shakespeare 

Unfortunately  it later became exclusively identified with Oxfordian theory: promoting Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford, as the only possible or thinkable author of the works of Shakespeare. 
The original  idea and organisation must now be recognized  as "The Shakespearean Authorship Trust".(SAT).

In 2013, Shakespeare Fellowship (SF)  merged with the Shakespeare Oxford Society (SOS) to become the "Shakespeare Oxford Fellowship". (SOF)
The Annual Video Contest "Who wrote Shakespeare?" taking place for 3 years now, (2017/2018/2019) has largely degenerated to a promotional event of the SOF.

See Winners list!

_____     2017   _____First / Second  Price :   Oxfordian_______

First Place Winner in the 2017 "Who Wrote Shakespeare?" Video Contest. Lowell Widmer (OXFORD) The Obvious Shakespeare

Second Place Winner in the 2017 "Who Wrote Shakespeare?" Video Contest. Robin Phillips (OXFORD)    "Who Wrote Shakespeare?"

Third Place Winner  2017 "Who Wrote Shakespeare?"  Video Contest. Christopher Carolan Shakespeare out of Bounds

____   2018       ______First / Second / Third   Price Oxfordian___

First Place Winner in the 2018 "Who Wrote Shakespeare?" VideoContest. Lowell Widmer OXFORD "TheAuthor of My Imagination

Second Place Winner in the 2018 "Who Wrote Shakespeare?" Video Contest. Haeri Tollefson OXFORD   „QUESTION Everything“

Third Place Winner  2018 "Who Wrote Shakespeare?"  Video Contest. Mark Alexander (OXFORD)    "Oxford is Hamlet

______     2019       _________First Price Oxfordian_________

 First Place Winner in the 2019  "Who Wrote Shakespeare?" VideoContest. R. O’Loughlin OXFORD     "With The Mind I Will Be Seen"
Second Place Winner in the 2019  "Who Wrote Shakespeare?" Video Contest. J. D. Dixon “The Brave Little Shakespeare“
Third Place Winner  2019  "Who Wrote Shakespeare?"  Video Contest. John Thor Ewing (UK) Who Really Wrote Shakespeare?”

(572) It's not be expected that Marlowian Video Contest contributions get any acceptable ranking by SOF !

The Title Head of the The Shakespeare Oxford Fellowship (SOF) Website declares openly and outright that it explores the evidence that the literary works credited to the man from Stratford-upon-Avon were actually written by Edward de Vere, the 17th Earl of Oxford, using the pen name, "William Shakespeare."

In 2020 it organizes the
 Shakespeare Oxford Fellowship’s Fourth Annual
Who Wrote Shakespeare?” Video Contest

                                                 ( click Winners List)

Videos must be a maximum of 3 minutes in length and must present an issue that promotes reasonable doubt about the traditional attribution of the Shakespeare works. Videos must be predominantly in the English language and must be submitted by July 20, 2020.

As has been frighteningly demonstrated  (Blog 570) , it cannot primarily be expected that Shakespeare Oxford Fellowship ( SOF) will award Video contributions  that are not committed to the Oxford idea. This would cut SOF Community off its own branch on which it sits.


                  Nevertheless, I will submit some  "Marlowian" contributions (A , B,   C   D  E   )               
                                                          ….just for fun….

A      SOF Video Contest 2020 Mozart Shakespeare

0:03 / 2:59B

B    SOF VIDEO Contest 2020 Algernon Swinburne

C    SOF VIDEO Contest 2020  The Sonnets  Author


D     SOF VIDEO Contest - 1 or 2 literary Giants?

E   SOF  Video Contest 2020  Hamlet as Marlowe

(571) The Philosophy of SOF. Isn’t it about time, to develop a more honest attitude?

Isn't it time to abandon the dishonest "package" (A+B
of the SOF community and admit, that the primary goal of SOF 

is not to promote the (yet undecided) Shakespeare authorship issue, but to  enforce the respectable, but most likely wrong evidence of Edward de Vere's (the Earl of Oxford's) authorship?  

(570) Shakespeare Video Contest 2019. - A grotesque arbitrary decision!

The price winners of the 2019
" Video Contest „Who Wrote Shakespeare?"!    
[can be studied on this link]


First Price                                 Winner  Rosemary O'Loughlin (Ireland)

Can anyone really agree with the jury's (one man?) decision that the first prize was fair....?

...... and that not the " third prize“ by Thor Ewing 
represents by far a more outstanding achievement? ______________________________ 2 Questions A Why the decision-making process about how the awarding (composition and members of the Jury, criteria, etc.) came about so far, has remained totally in the dark ? B Can anyone understand why suddenly in the fourth year of the video contest people from France, Denmark and Germany were allowed to take part in the competition? (What About Austria and Switzerland?)