(651) Five pseudonymous Identities (part 1 of 2) of the TRUE Shakespeare

 Thomas Bastard, John Bodenham, Richard Brathwaite,John Cotgrave, Francis Hubert

A world, that does not want to know

is difficult to convince by arguments!


(650) Reflections of the hungarion editor of Grafologia on Marlowe's delayed resurrection

                                   Pal Faklen



(646) Sir Thomas Overbury's "A WIFE" and the "CHARACTERS" have been conceived by the "TRUE" Shakespeare.



(644) A Funeral Elegy: The True Shakespeare' s autobiographical Parable.

 The almost unthinkable Conclusion:

1 The anonymous Poem "A Funeral Elegy"  (1612) is recognized  in this VIDEO as an allegorical Parable of the "TRUE" Shakespeare (Christopher Marlowe.)

2. The specific solution of the SHAKESPEARE Authorship Problem:  deadly threatened MARLOWE survived by faking his death with Royal Support (W: Cecil) and wrote (concealed and banished for life) under multiple Pseudonyms such as SHAKESPEARE, FORD and many more.

3. An additional contribution to the solution of the complex authorship Issue; It solves at the same time the bizarre and insane entire SHAKESPEARE CO-Authorship PHANTASM


(643) Thomas HEYWOOD a penname of the TRUE Shakespeare ( alias Marlowe)


Some 30 stunning arguments for Thomas HEYWOOD as an unrecognized
PSEUDONYM of the TRUE Shakespeare


(642) Thomas Shelton, a yet unrecognized INCOGNITO name of the (only) TRUE Shakespeare.

My long-year efforts
for the acceptance of Poet 
Genius Christopher Marlowe 
as the most plausible and 
logic TRUE Shakespeare 

with this last (?) youtube contribution
will definitely come to an end, soon.

Time will solve  the problem
in favour of Marlowe

there can be no doubt
about it!


(641) Seven corresponding Links for so called STRATFORDIANS

Here you will find 7 LINKS to corresponding Youtube POSTs that try to address the shocking ignorance of the admirers of Shakespeare's works
and using (con)textual comparisons trying to convince them that the name SHAKESPEARE belonged to a multiplicity of pseudonyms of MARLOWE







The TRUE  SHAKESPEARE & Marlowe’S Tamburlaine 2- MONOLOG









The TRUE  SHAKESPEARE & the 2  tamed SHREWs





(638) Lets Celebrate 30.000 clicks

Let's celebrate it !!!

                                                 The  30.000th  C L I C K!  

                                                 for the Top VIDEO    (out of 80)                                              

(for a highly complex subject matter!)







(637) Finally again: A convincing Non-Strafordian MARLOWIAN


Finally again!

A convincing
Non -Oxfordian   

but  M A R L O W I A N 



(632) The true Shakespeare's ingenious Deception


The true Shakespeare

as Jane A N G E R


Nicholas  B R E T O N 



(630) Micro-cosmographie (1628) written by the TRUE Shakespeare

Micro-cosmography (1628)  written by the TRUE Shakespeare  [not by John Earle! ) 

  Deep undiscovered contextual insights
into the real personality of  The   TRUE     poet genius 


                      William from Stratford! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EIiJb-HlzhQ&t=1s 

   How to find the original Source  of Micro-cosmography (Edit.1633) 



(629) A new mini-Serie: SHAKESPEARE AUTHORSHIP

With a slightly improved  Video-Editing Competence

i have started a new Mini-Series on the 

Shakespeare- AUTHORSHIP  controversy



(628)'The TRUE S H A K E S P E A R E' PLAY: "Love's Labour's Lost" ( L L L ) discloses the authors fatal destiny

  The play LLL contains stunning autobiographical connections to MARLOWE .



(627) Definitely, the Marlowe-Shakespeare Authorship controversy is based on a 'real' conspiracy

 The Marlowe-Shakespeare Authorship controversy is based on a true conspiracy,

( not a conspiracy theory!)

Marlowe was not killed.

Therefore 'O x f o r d i a n i s m

is  deadand so is 

'S t r a t f o r d i a n i s m'.  


(624) Are the ''OXFORDIANS'' really right?

Edward de Vere 

17th Earl of Oxford


Is Edward de Vere  (who died in 1604!) the more plausible or logical Shakespeare authorship candidate ?

compared to Christopher Marlowe! 


        Christopher Marlowe's Doctor Faustus
        A Text (1604)                  B Text (1616)

 Edward de Vere died in 1604!-
Marlowe's 'alleged' killing in 1593 did correspond to a real conspiracy!
(Not a conspiracy theory!) 

Marlowe (the 'true' Shakespeare) died (Okt. 13th 1655) in Gent (Flandres)  as INCOGNITO Toby Matthew and as a late 'pseudonymous' poet John Quarles .

(623) Isn' it urgent time to rethink the P R O - 'Stratfordian' Position?


These 2 figures represent the most  (and only ) authentic contemporary depictions of 

William Shakspere from Stratford 
                                      & William Shakespeare (First Folio1623) 

                               _____________________  click VIDEO   _______________________________

They are by no means identical personalities

 The living William Shakspere from Stratford (to be seen as a bust in the Trinity church of Stratford ) was taken as the 'corrupted Peudonym' SHAKESPEARE ( copper engraving) in the collected dramatic works (so-called FF, First Folio 1623) as a cover for the only existing greatest English Poet-Genius (Christopher Marlowe) whose death had to be feigned for life-saving reasons.


Short Recap of the Marlowe Shakespeare authorship thesis

There was only one truly great poetic GENIUS in his time:  Christopher MARLOWE  (born in the same year 1564 as Shakspere/Stratford ) who in his 30th year of life (May 1593) was threatened by execution following slanderous accusation (of TREASON & Heresy) against him by the English Crown & Church. A feigned death staged in Deptford with the help of Marlowe's employer, the 'Senior Advisor' of Queen Elisabeth William Cecil (Lord Burghley) saved him by  banishing him - for his own safety - but at the price of a permanent abandoning of identity & name, writing henceforth [ as already previously!] behind a CURTAIN of ALIAS & PSEUDONYMS such as 


Richard B A R N F I E L D, 

William B A S S E,  

Francis B E A U M O N T

Nicholas B R E T O N,  

George C H A P M A N, 

(Double) John DAVIES, 

Michael D R A Y T O N, 

(Triple) J+Ph+G F L E T C H E R,  

Thomas H E Y W O O D, 

Henry P E A C H A M, 

William S H A K E - S P E A R E,  

George W I T H E R,   

a. o.


      UNTHINKABLE and 

             LUDICROUS it may sound!

You may study singular detailed arguments for these names on this channel.(URL adress below the Video


(622)Twelfth Night or what you will. - Autobiographical from the 'real' Shakespeare.

 As long as the 'borrowed Stratfordman's Name' SHAKSPEARE is not recognized as the corrupted embellished ' FRONT-name SHAKESPEARE of poet GENIUS MARLOWE, the author- ship puzzle will not be resolvable!



(621) William GAGER, A critical letter from Prof.Dana Sutton

Dana  F. Sutton, Prof.Emeritus, University of California, Irvine answered some emails I had sent to him, asking him for his  opinion regarding the existence or non-existence of a Shakespeare  authorship problem : He responded exclusively to my Gager article, unfortunately not to the more interesting  basic idea of an authorship question
                                                He impressively referred to me as

The attention-craving exhibitionist....simply cavorting in public

Letter excerpt:.  emphasis(bold) by me.
..."   your effort concerning GAGER ... was silly, contemptible and altogether not worthy of a response…..I couldn’t help asking myself how in the world anybody might gain the impression that BOTH Gager and Marlowe could be “Shakespeare,” for at least two reasons: a.) Gager did all his worthwhile work in Latin, never in English (his few poems written in English are of rather poor quality)  and b.) his life is vastly better-documented than those of Shakespeare and Marlowe combined. It is almost as if you just picked the name of Gager out of a hat at random to have something to say. 
, I cannot help asking myself how a man with a presumptive commitment to the scientific method within his own area of expertise can play so fast and free with the facts regarding the Shakespeare authorship question as if that is an area in which reasonable standards of proof do not apply
There are some very good scholars (e. g. Nina Green and my Berkeley colleague Alan Nelson) who are convinced that Bacon = Shakespeare. I disagree with them but I respect them because they play the game by its accepted rules. There’s a world of difference between Bundesliga football and Aldous Huxley’s “centrifugal bumblepuppy” (=from Huxley's Brave New World) because the one game has a well-developed rulebook accepted by all its players and the other doesn’t, and there’s a world of difference between scholarship and simply cavorting in public as an attention-craving exhibitionist.


The Degree  of Concordances  between William GAGER & Christopher MARLOWE [ here seen as the only 'true' Shakespeare] seems  too massive, to be purely coincidental:

Arguments in this VIDEO 

1 Birthdate
 2 Canterbury Kings school 
  3 Oxford Study
   4 Study of Law (DCL)
    5 Reputation as Dramatist
     6 GAGER's contemporaneous Ranking
      7 Unconditional Question
       8 'D I D O'
        9 'H E R O  & LE A N D E R  
         10 GAGER / Chapman
          11 MELEAGER (Boas)
            12 MELEAGER (Dido&Tamburlaine)
              13 MELEAGER  (Essex)
                14 LUCRECE (Shakespeare)
                 15 ULYSSES  Mary Sidney
                  16 Handwriting
                   17 BRETON / Gager
                    18 Handwriting (+ Raynold)
                     19 Oedipus (Basse)
                      20 Oedipus (Wither)
                       21 Abrupt End of GAGER's Dramatist Career
                        22 University OXFORD's other POETs
                         23 POLIMANTEIA
                          24 Thomas BASTARD 
                           25 Richard BARNFIELD
                            26 CHRESTOLEROS(1)
                             27 CHRESTOLEROS(2)
                              28  PEELE /GAGER
                               29 King EDWARD I  play
                                30 etc. etc.



The 'O X F R A U D', a literary battaillon fighting for the 'Stratford-'Thesis against the 'Oxford-Theory, fighting a double loosing battle. Stratford-'Thesis = Wlliam Shaksper from Stratford Oxford-Theory, = the 17th Earl of Oxford, Edward de Vere wrote HAMLET, KING LEAR , TIMON of Athens etc.

(619) Most liked Youtube Contribution of Alexander Waugh

82.842 'Likes'    14.09.2021

Alexander Waughs Youtube contribution (2018)
    Shakespeare was a Fake (..and I can prove it)
    with 957 commentaries !!!


                               What a pity that Alexander is on the wrong track. -

My conviction
It really didn‘t need such sophisticated decoding or ‘‘apophenic‘‘ deciphering but instead a decade of reading, understanding and interpreting the immense contemporary 'contextual' literature, to reach the irrefutable conclusion, that the ‘true or real‘ SHAKE-SPEARE can only have been SOMEONE with a pre-viously unpresented number of Pseudonyms, changed again & again. ..  such as SHAKESPEARE, DRAYTON,  CHAPMAN; BARNFIELD;  BASSE; BRETON, HEYWOOD, TAYLOR,  WITHER etc etc.

Christopher MARLOWE : 
   (   Reflect collected Arguments for that assumption 
               from  60 Youtube VIDEO’S)



             The most intelligent commentary (in my opinion)
             to A.Waugh's contribution:
                                       from 'bouncy house'

"Why would anyone go to such extremes of complication and subterfuge to hide someone they wanted ultimately to be found?"

(618) TIMON of ATHENS : Autobiograhical of the 'true'' SHAKESPEARE!

 A definite (yet unrecognized) autobiographical play of the 'true' SHAKESPEARE

You should note the matchless artistic skills of the the ''true'' Shakespeare on his Tragedy 


He dialectically divided himself into  3 different selfs 

that embody:




(617) WIlliam GAGER the real or true Shakespeare ?

William GAGER  an early  penname of the  real or true Shakespeare (MARLOWE)


(616) A Stunning Turnaraound of Oxfordian Alexander Waugh?? Has he become a Marlowian?

Recently I watched  a ZOOM Webinar  with Alexander Waugh which premiered on Dec.20020

I recorded and copied 2 Interesting stunning minutes starting at 01:55.42

Marlowe exists,  ... as a separate entity

TRANSCRIPT:   Life Event 12 Dec 2020 WEBINAR 

Read what Alexander Waugh expressed:  


 A GUESS (?)


" I would just say: it's a sidely (?), weird and fantastical theory, but I don‘t wonder if Marlowe exists, as a separate entity,  a separate name, from the great Shakespeare… school,  and there are all these experts and are telling us  that his hand is all over some of the Shakespeare plays ..Henry VI particularly    …tell us that he exists,  a separate entity, possibly because Edward de Vere could not stand  the sight of him  after he realized his atheism  and that therefore his contribution the Shakespeare Canon  which may have included EDWARD II  and things like that, they were sort of let loose and they got a life of their own  and hence Marlowe has this great name for him self .- Just an Idea,…it’s a guess."


(615) 2 different versions of the Shakespeare play "The Taming of a / the Shrew"

2 different versions of the Shakespeare play "The Taming of a / the Shrew"

[lying almost 30 years apart! ]

A, The Taming of 'A' Shrew: an Anonymous Q1 version (printed in 1594)

B, The Taming of 'THE' Shrew: The Shakespeare First Folio version (printed in 1623).

Both plays must have been written by a singular author, Christopher Marlowe, the only "true" or real" Shakespeare:

(614) Why Shakespeare and Francis Bacon never (ever) met or communicated with each other?

This 55 min VIDEO collects arguments, 
why the only 'absolute' POET-GENIUS  of his age

Christopher MARLOWE used

A   'SHAKESPEARE '/' QUARLES'  as one of his first and  last literary PSEUDO-NAMEs

B    Tobie MATHEW as an almost  life-long INCOGNITO NAME and 

C    Francis BACON as his lifelong most estimated 'personal friend,  


(613) The North SHAKESPEARE Enigma

 THOMAS  & GEORGE  N O R T H,  A famous double of plagiarist in the late 1570ies of Shakespeare's plays ??


.Proposed solution of the North / Shakespeare riddle

A thousand identical text parallels between NORTH and SHAKESPEARE (like fingerprints) cannot have emerged from 2 different, but only from 1 singular subject (and brain!)


This 'singular' brain belonged to the only existing  'true'  concealed 

       poet GENIUS and 

only dramatist GENIUS of its time:

Christopher Marlowe


(612) Shakespere's Collaborators?

                                     The Video argues

that J.F. (John Fletcher)  belongs to the Pseudo-Initials of MARLOWE,!   only under this condition it becomes understandable and logical, that he did not collaborate, but - alone - was the true poet-genius writing under his Frontmans name SHAKSPEARE  

                      the' King  HENRY VIII play'. 

It is more plausible that a single dramatist genius was the author of the King HENRY VIII play!

           .a hidden author revealing himself in the play as Ambassador Capucius...  

                   MARLOWE was writing under PSEUDO-NAMEs (or PSEUDO-INITIALS J.F. 

                                                                                  such as 

                 SHAKE-SPEARE  & FLETCHERs (John F.,  Giles F.,  Phineas F.) 

         or PSEUDO-INITIALS such as J.F.(John Fletcher /  or John  Ford)?



(611) Shakespeare: A Freemason ?? -- Did A.Waugh deliberately overlook MARLOWE ?



From      Alexander Waugh's last Youtube

I learned that 

 a) "....Hermeticisms survived as the philosophical and theological Epicenter of Freemasonry.- ..." in England

 b) "....that one of the Key messages of Hermes (Trismegistos) is that he writes: "The greatest evil in mankind is ignorance...seek then a guide to take you by the hand and lead you to the portals of knowledge that(?) te the light cleansed of all darkness...

 c) " who better to that than William Shakespeare who stands in Leicester Square carved in marble pointing to his own words : รค0pTHERE IS NO DARKNESS BUT IGNORANCE"

                           Shakespeare carved in Marble  at Leicester Square (London)

d) Waugh: " Shakespeare thus very close to the Hermetic philosophers and to Hermes..(Trismegistos)

 e) NOTE: it is more appropriate  to associate this Marble" phrase to Marlowe's famous sentence  in "The Jew of Malta"   :  I count religion but a childish toy, and hold there is no sin but ignorance. or Doktor Faustus and the Ignorance in knowledge 

 one can  take this as another logical and plausible   evidence that Marlowe 

 a) is identical with Shakespeare (his pseudonym)
b) that he is a predecessor of the Freemasons?

(610) Shake-speare: The first of Marlowe's TOP 10 Pseudonyms

The name Shake-speare is dealt with a list of the top 10 most significant Pseudonyms of a singular Poet and dramatist Genius 

Christopher Marlowe.

That Marlowe (aka Shake-speare) survived can only become conceivable when his incredibly great spirit was incredibly productive, writing under many pseudonyms, over a long period of life!


(609) Rodney Bolt - only recently became aware of his Marlowe reflection in 2005

Why did I become aware of such a fascinating 
personality so late?

Rodney Bolt

A great creative and imaginative book

A triumphant resurrection of the poet genius and dramatist Marlowe


(608) the incredible Shakespeare Bodenham Deception


The argument presented in this VIDEO favor the Idea that John BODENHAM must have been a PSEUDONYM, an ALIAS or PEN-NAME similar to SHAKE-SPEARE

and to many
other 'alleged' coworkers! of the contemporary poet-genius Christopher Marlowe

(607)Marlowe alias Shake-speare. The acceptance and need of contextual biographical proof

Literally, with all  Marlowian  I miss some fundamental reflections and research.


A Marlowian Theory cannot exist, i.e. doesn’t make any sense, as long as one does not assume that Marlowe survived.


If Marlowe (alias Shakespeare) survived, however, he must have had a specific biography for his surviving time. (up to 1655?)  And these life data & experiences must have been reflected in some (many?)  ways in texts of himself as of concealed pseudonymous poets, and by no means only in play texts of Shakespeare.


Can anybody even remotely accept that there is no need for any contextual autobiographical (poetical) evidence and (re)search?


These contextual massive autobiographical evidence in fact are and must be the cornerstones of the evidence, of circumstantial evidence and reasoning.


And Marlowian Daryl Pinksen (mirabile dictu!) doesn’t either have heard or ever listened to any line of all Youtube presentations or ever asked the crucial question what Marlowe might have done & written in all his surviving time? What a depressing confession of failure!

(606) Pal Faklen's (Budapest, Hungary) enlarged article "Marlowe's delayed resurrection.

As a longtime Marlowian, I recently discovered a  more detailed article of the hungarian publisher and editor Pal Faklen (Budapest) on the Marlowe Shakespeare  authorship issue (entitled "The Delayed Resurrection of Marlowe) which I naturally liked very much.

I very much hope that Pal Faklens essential and amazing arguments will receive (slowly, but at least) a gradual recognition world wide.



 Publication in Academia.edu




Please  forward the article to interested parties…

(604) The impressive hope of self-fulfilling prophecy of the OXFRAUDIANS


The Game is over !!! It's quiet !!  Really?

Lately, I became aware of the wonderful Self-Fulfilling Prophecy of the OXFRAUDSTheir belief or expectation about the Shakespeare Authorship is,  that the game is over.

At no time the OXFRAUDS had any real interest in finding out what about the centuries-old doubt is justified and what is not. The Marlowe Theory, despite Peter Farey, had no chance with them. They haven't even started, to reflect the Marlowe issue.

At no time the Oxfraud community had any real interest in finding out what about the centuries-old doubt is justified and what is not. And how to explain the unimaginable amount of inconsistencies. The Marlowe Theory, despite Peter Farey, did not have the slightest chance in their group. Wherever they could they made a fool of him and Marlowians like me , and even declared me as deceased(!). : a rather pitiable, ridiculous bunch when compared to the great minds of the Non-Stratfordians.

They do not even realize that they have very bad cards in the long run :

Their greatest strength (by far) : the personal insult,

their greatest weakness: the lack of a stringent argument

(to resolve any inconsistency)