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(533) Shakefrauds should compete with Oxfrauds

Shakefrauds ! An abyss of academic inability  of reasoning in humanities


Without accepting a historical Marlowe/Shakespeare authorship fraud there will be no way to explain and interprete the weird situation of plays explicitly printed as written by Shakespeare during his lifetime, but not included in the "First Folio! 1623
                                            What a bizarre and grotesque Situation!!
                   Ultra-orthodox  Stratfordian Shakespeare scolars ( e.g. Oxfrauds) 
                       should start to be more interested in good conspiracy theories!

The London Prodigal (1605)",  "A Yorkshire Tragedy (1608)" and Pericles (1609)"

Stunningly these plays were omitted in the First Folio , and amazingly "Pericles" alone      later was accepted to be included in the Shakespeare  Canon!                         

     For more details click this VIDEO!